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Driving reappraisal of the KFC brand was a big focus for the press office in 2016. Creating light-hearted content that taps into culturally relevant moments and allows the brand to show an irreverent tone of voice and personality was an important way of doing this. 

KFC Valentines.png


The idea was simple; to create a Date Night table at KFC this Valentine’s Day, trialing in one restaurant.

Working closely with the Fishergate restaurant,  I brought this Valentines dinner to life, creating a joyful juxtaposition between KFC and fine dining. The dinner was complete with a table cloth, candelabra, silver cloche and soft drink sommelier.

This idea accounted for the highest spike in online traffic for KFC in 2016.

  • Acquiring 63 pieces of coverage
  • Reaching more than 66,238,415 people (DUU)
  • Achieving a Return on Investment (ROI) of 11.5:1
  • Fishergate restaurant sales increased 50% year-on-year

In addition to this coverage we received plenty of attention on social media earning publicity on Unilad, Yahoo and Metro's social pages to name a few.