Steel Warriors

In 2017, I founded anti-knife crime initiative, Steel Warriors. We melt down surrendered and confiscated knives collected by the Met Police and use the steel to build gyms across the UK.


We worked with world renowned photographer David Clerihew to shoot a series of photographs at the Steel Warriors gym featuring former gang member, now two time national calisthenics Champion Jay Chris.

Snapchat is the leading media platform accessed by our target audience. We have integrated scannable 'Snapcodes' around our gym so that young people can scan learn how to use the equipment from some of the best calisthenics pros in the game. See Lee Wade Turner hosing a tutorial below.



Since launching the campaign we have received coverage from the likes of Sky News, BBC World Service, RTL (Germany), NTV (Russia), The Evening Standard and London Live as well as international coverage in China, Russia, Germany, France and Japan. 


Steel Warriors TV Broadcast

Total Reach: 300+ Million

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Steel Warriors Radio Broadcast

Total Reach: 485+ Million

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London’s Evening Standard (UK)

Circulation: 847,936

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Standard Online (UK)

UMU: 7,335,840

Sky News (UK)

UMU: 23,648,700


UMU: 2,645,100


East London Advertiser (UK)

UMU: 54,510

East London Lines (UK)

UMU: 48,810


Since launching our campaign we have received social support from a number of influencers and celebrities including Ross Kemp, Naomi Harris, Jodie Kidd, Tom May, Stephen Myler and many others. 

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